l parque Zoológico Santa Fe fue fundado en 1960 por la Sociedad de Mejoras Públicas de Medellín, en terrenos previamente donados por la distinguida matrona Antioqueña Mercedes Sierra de Pérez, quien determinó que en ellos se construyera un parque recreativo que beneficiara a la comunidad del Valle de Aburrá. Igualmente decidió doña Mercedes que la casa principal, construcción de estilo republicano, se conservara como un museo de antiguedades.

En la actualidad, el Parque exhibe en sus cuatro hectáreas, 299 mamíferos, 508 aves y 160 reptiles, para un total de 967 individuos y 238 especies, en su mayoría procedentes de la región neotropical, es decir de Centro y Suramérica. Ello lo hace dueño de un riqueza fáunica de incalculables proporciones, si se tiene presente que según los biólogos y científicos es precisamente en el neotrópico que se encuentra el mayor número de animales a punto de desaparecer de la faz de la tierra.

El Parque Zoológico Santa Fe tiene como principal misión la conservación, la exhibición de las especies, la educación y la recreación de sus visitantes.

La Filosofía del Parque Zoológico está enmarcada en el equilibrio que debe existir entre el hombre y su medio ambiente. Por ello, su creación partió de la necesidad de brindarle a la comunidad la educación necesaria para generar en ella el conocimiento y los sentimientos de respeto y afecto para con la gran diversidad de especies de fauna, tanto nativa como exótica. Igualmente el Zoológico fue concebido para la realización de investigaciones científicas que llevaran a la preservación de las especies y como un instrumento de recreación y distracción para sus concurrentes.

Los objetivos del Zoológico son educativos, recreativos y científicos y todos están orientados a preservar los diferentes ecosistemas que albergan a la gran variedad de especies fáunicas.

En el Zoológico, los visitantes pueden observar una amplia diversidad de animales procedentes de los cinco continentes, entre los que se pueden citar águilas harpías, flamencos, osos de anteojos, monos, guacamayas, elefantes, orices, cebras, un ejemplar de tortuga gigante, felinos, rinocerontes, hipopótamos y avestruces.

Además de los animales señalados, en el Zoológico existen otros atractivos como el Aviario y los Museos de Mar y Santa Fe. En el Aviario es posible observar más de un centenar de pájaros de las diversas regiones del país. Sin duda alguna, una amplia variedad de colores en el plumaje y un sin número de sonidos y cantos, hacen el deleite de los visitantes.

En el Museo del Mar se encuentran diferentes piezas fáunicas del Mar Caribe Colombiano, como un tiburón de las grandes profundidades, corales, caracoles, un esqueleto de ballena, caballitos de mar y un pez volador.

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Zoo Santa Fe Park was founded in 1960 by the Society of Public Improvements of Medellín, on land previously donated by the distinguished Antioqueña matron Mercedes Sierra de Perez, who found in them a recreational park that will benefit the Valley community to be built Aburra. Dona Mercedes also decided that the main house Republican style building, be preserved as a museum of antiques.

Today, the park exhibits in its four hectares, 299 mammals, 508 birds and 160 reptiles, for a total of 967 individuals and 238 species, mostly from the neotropical region, ie Central and South America.This does own a faunal wealth of incalculable proportions if we consider that according to biologists and scientists is precisely in the Neotropics which is the highest number of animals to disappear from the face of the earth. The Zoo Parque Santa Fe's main mission is conservation, exhibition of species, education and recreation of its visitors. 

The Philosophy Zoo is framed in the balance that must exist between man and his environment.Therefore, creation came from the need to provide to the community it needed to generate knowledge and feelings of respect and affection for the great diversity of wildlife species, both native and exotic education. Zoo was also designed to carry out scientific research that would lead to the preservation of species and as a means of recreation and distraction to its competitors.

The objectives of the Zoo are educational, recreational and scientific and all are designed to preserve the different ecosystems that are home to a wide variety of faunal species. At the zoo, visitors can see a wide variety of animals from five continents, including that may be cited harpy eagles, flamingos, spectacled bears, monkeys, parrots, elephants, orices, zebras, a copy of giant tortoise, cats, rhinos, hippos and ostriches. 

Besides the animals mentioned in the zoo there are other attractions like the Aviary and the Museums Mar and Santa Fe. In the Aviary is possible to see more than one hundred birds in the various regions of the country. Undoubtedly, a wide variety of colors in the plumage and a number of sounds and songs, make the delight of visitors. In the Sea Museum are different faunal parts of the Colombian Caribbean Sea, like a shark of the deep , corals, snails, a whale skeleton, seahorses and a flying fish. 

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Carlos believed that the magic formula to lose weight was to eat less or reduce the portions of food. For that reason, he began a diet in which at breakfast he only drank a cup of coffee. At lunch he ate a piece of meat or a chicken prey and a small portion of vegetables. And to the dinner, a salad or a compound of yogurt and fruits.

Carlos believed that the magic formula to lose weight was to eat less or reduce the portions of food. For that reason, he began a diet in which at breakfast he only drank a cup of coffee. At lunch he ate a piece of meat or a chicken prey and a small portion of vegetables. And to the dinner, a salad or a compound of yogurt and fruits.

It was a very strict regime and Carlos felt very hungry and the worst was that he did not reduce the pounds he expected. The truth is that after two weeks of frustration, he gave up and in a few days regained the pair of pounds he had managed to lose.

This happened to him, perhaps, because the key to losing weight is to consume less fat and eat more fiber. Fat calories do not burn as efficiently as carbohydrate and protein calories. This means that fruits, vegetables and even starches produce a kind of thermodynamic burn that increases the body’s potential to burn calories. Fatty foods, on the other hand, slow down the metabolism. The body generates less energy to burn these foods; That is why fatty foods become fat faster in the body.

One study showed that the high fiber content in fruits, vegetables and whole grain bread reduces the absorption of calories from food.

The ideal diet to lose weight contains many foods rich in fiber and a limited intake of fatty foods. Reduce the consumption of fat, especially saturated fat and cholesterol, to achieve a slimmer and healthier body. By the way, you can get as many nutrients – if not more – from foods like soy, with much less fat calories, than from foods like meat.

It also helps to reduce the intake of sodium, not only for good health but also to avoid excessive water retention. At the same time, water consumption must be increased, which acts as a filler and makes digestion more efficient. You have to drink at least eight glasses a day.

The diet to lose weight can advise foods that satisfy the appetite of the person and that leave him the sensation of being well fed. This is where foods rich in fiber intervene: these make the person feel satisfied, without adding fat. Delicious foods such as fruits, vegetables, beans, beans and vegetables, bread, pasta and rice, all qualify and guarantee that they do not leave a feeling of hunger at the end of a meal.

Eat fresh fruit, preferably accompanied with a glass of water, before sitting down to eat. The combination of liquid, fructose (fruit sugar) and fiber, restricts appetite.

In the first four weeks of the Pastillas para bajar de Peso program, appeal to vegetables, then, gradually, turn to potatoes, pasta, rice and other foods that contain starch. Try adding bran or fiber supplements to the daily diet to fill and help with digestion. Avoid table sugar, excess fat and sugary products, all of which are full of empty, non-nutritious calories.

It is very important to include some type of exercise in any successful program to lose weight. It speeds up metabolism and improves digestion by walking at least thirty minutes a day, four or more times a week.

The fat burner foods are:

* Apple. Replete with fiber and low in calories, the apple is the perfect filling for the stomach. Its high concentration of soluble fiber helps prevent hunger pangs. This fruit does not contain sodium, nor saturated fat, nor cholesterol.

* Banana. This fruit will hardly ever appear in the list of recommended foods for diets. Bananas fight the pangs of hunger and leave you satisfied and full, thanks to its combination of natural fructose and fiber. Since the sugar in fructose is encapsulated in fiber and carbohydrates, the sugar satisfies the desire to sweat, but is released into the system slowly. Thus, there is no room for food that actually fattens. Bananas are sodium-free and are a good source of vitamin C.

* Handle This tropical fruit fully satisfies. It contains a moderate amount of soluble fiber, which makes it good for digestion. You also have vitamin C for one day, as well as vitamin A, in the form of beta-carotene. The mangoes are virtually free of sodium and fat. For a delicious smoothie, mix half ripe mango with a cup of skim milk, honey to taste, a pinch of vanilla and ice cubes. With a blender, shake until the mixture is ready, soft.

* Cantaloupe. Dense in fiber – more per ounce than any other food -. It is rich in vitamins A and C and in potassium. The water melon should have a dull sound when it is hit. And this one, cut and packed, must have compact pulp, with a minimum of seeds.

* Orange When looking for a good source of vitamin C, forget the orange juice and eat an orange whole, because the fiber of it fills the stomach.

* Cherries They are rich in iron and vitamin A, contain a good amount of fiber and have a natural laxative effect. Like most fruits and vegetables, they are virtually free of sodium and fat.

* Grapefruit Everyone knows that grapefruit is a traditional dietary food. It really helps dissolve fat and cholesterol. Its abundance in galacturonic acid increases its potency as an anti-fat agent and lowers cholesterol. Like other citrus fruits, grapefruit is rich in vitamin C. It is also a good source of calcium and potassium and is free of fat and sodium.

* Pear. Another good source of fiber, pear is excellent for digestion. It has a good amount of vitamin C and iron. Look for firm and well shaped fruit, free of bruises and soft spots.

* Pineapple This fruit, sweet and satisfying, is rich in manganese that helps digestion. In truth, if you overdo it with other foods, when you eat fresh pineapple you will feel better. To choose a sweet and ripe pineapple, notice the eyes They should have only a very slight separation (sparsely open) and should not be shrunk.

* Prunes. These fiber factories fill you and have a natural laxative effect. Cook them over low heat, chopped and added to a cereal, or substitute them for raisins, in almost any recipe.

* Chicken. This bird is an excellent source of protein and iron. Also, it does not have the excess fat or cholesterol that beef has. Without skin, 64 percent of chicken calories come from protein, and 31 percent from fat. Chicken without skin is the healthiest, but leave it while cooking or preparing, and then yes, before consuming it, remove it.

* Fish. It is rich in proteins and represents a low caloric cost. Canned tuna in water has only 115 calories. If you stop tasting it, fry it and spread butter, you will find it almost impossible to gain weight by eating fish. For a low-calorie tuna sandwich, combine the tuna with plain yogurt, instead of mayonnaise.

* Turkey. It is a blessing for those who are aware of the weight. It can be used in hamburgers, with spaghetti in sauce, with minced and seasoned meat: for everything that requires ground or minced meat. Four ounces of raw turkey contain 175 calories and just five grams of fat, which is what is found in a teaspoon of butter or margarine. The same amount of ground beef has 313 calories and 23 grams of fat: more than four teaspoons. Eating turkey instead of beef also helps lower cholesterol.

* Beans Vegetarians turn to dehydrated beans, rich in protein; to lentils, peas, chickpeas, beans and other members of the legume family, as basic dietary products. There is more protein in a well of lentils (16 grams) than in three ounces of meatloaf (15 grams). A really good news for those who monitor their weight is that the beans are extremely low in fat, compared to animal protein sources. A well of cooked chickpeas, for example, has three grams of fat. These are also full of the complex carbohydrates that you need for daily energy. When consuming beans, beans and the like, keep in mind that unlike animal proteins, all of them are protein plants that must be combined with another food to supply you with all the amino acids your body needs. It’s just a matter of rounding up your menu, so combine beans and beans with some other grain like rice, barley, wheat or corn.

* Broccoli It is very nutritive. It has almost no fat and this is good for the heart. This vegetable tastes very raw, in salads or steamed, cooked, with a certain amount of meat of poultry or beef. It is a healthy dish.

* Cabbage. After consuming it produces a feeling of fullness. In addition, it has therapeutic components that fight cancer but do not have to lose them during cooking. Therefore, you should eat raw cabbage along with the stew.

* Carrots. They are rich in soluble fiber, which produces a feeling of fullness and prevents constipation. Virtually fat-free, they are a good source of potassium and beta-carotene, which fights cancer. The carrot is very nutritious. Even carrot juice is good as a general body builder.

* Lettuce. This food is not only full of vitamins and minerals, but also gives you fiber without fat or sodium, which when consumed causes a sensation of fullness. The darker the variety of lettuce, the higher the nutritional content (the dark leaves mean that they have been more exposed to sunlight, and this is what determines nutrition).

* Onion Like garlic, onion is useful for those who control weight, especially because you can season a meal with these ingredients without adding salt or artificial flavors.

* Peas. Members of the legume family, the peas provide a lot of protein without the fat that comes from animal origin. Peas contain soluble fiber that reduces cholesterol, vitamin C and vitamin A, in the form of beta-carotene.

* Spinach They accelerate metabolism and a well-stimulated metabolism burns even more fat. Spinach also has a laxative effect, and this is another instrument for weight loss and weight control. Called the queen of vegetables, spinach is replete with healthy doses of calcium, iron and vitamins A, C and E. One pound supplies more than 10 grams of protein and unsaturated fat.

* Tomatoes. They are rich in fiber and potassium as well as low in fat and sodium. They are the perfect complement for salads and all kinds of dishes.

* Barley. This nutritious starch supplies the complex carbohydrates that the body needs. Barley contains good amounts of fiber and protein. Scientists say that it is an excellent laxative and that it can promote weight loss. Whenever possible, buy whole or at least pearly barley. In this, the pod, or outer shell, has been removed. The remaining barley nuggets contain more respectable levels of fiber and nutrients than white rice. Eat a wonderful mix of barley and rice, in exchange for rice alone.

* Dad. Another starch with a bad reputation, the potato is actually an excellent food for weight loss. A potato, barely, supplies a good supply of fiber and potassium. Do not prepare it with ingredients such as butter or cut milk. Rather, fill a baked potato with chopped broccoli and nonfat yogurt: season with peppers and make sure you eat the crust. 60 percent of the potassium of the potato is very close to the bark, which is lost when peeling.

* Rice A cup of brown rice supplies five grams of protein, equal to the protein of a beef steak, 500 calories, without the saturated fat of the meat. The white rice is also good, but the brown one keeps the outer cover, very nutritious and rich in fiber. Avoid mixes of packaged and seasoned rice, as they contain a lot of salt.

* Soup. It helps to lose weight, according to an advance study at Houston’s Baylor medical school. Dr. John Foreyt found that dieters who ate a bowl of soup before lunch or dinner lost more weight than those who did not. The more soup they ate, the more weight they lost. And soup buffs tended to maintain their normal weight. This may be due, at least in part, to the fact that you have to eat the hot soup slowly, and the food consumed that way, gives the stomach time to record that it is being fed. When you devour a meal in record time, you often feel hungry shortly afterwards because your brain has not received the stomach message I am full. It goes better with clear broths, such as rice soup with chicken and vegetable soups. Prepare it yourself and do not buy them ready to serve because they come loaded with salt. Keep small leftovers of beef, poultry and vegetables that you normally discard. Put them in a container with a few fresh vegetables. Add a minimum amount of salt and skim or remove all the fat. Soups thus provide a treasure trove of vitamins and minerals.

* Yoghurt. Tasty form of milk grown with bacteria, rich in calcium. Yogurt is a wonderful food that burns fat. The sweeteners can contain up to 380 calories per cup, while the common, non-fat, has 90 to 100 calories per cup, and the common low fat, 144. Save yourself those extra calories by adding your own sweetener in the form of a little of honey or fruit jam. Yogurt is also a good substitute for mayonnaise or sour milk.

* Bread. The bread does not make you fat. A Norwegian scientist found that people who ate less than two slices of bread a day, actually weighed about 11 pounds more than large bread consumers. Some breads even mitigate the appetite, say researchers who compared white bread with black, rich in fiber. Students who ate 12 daily slices of black bread, or brown, felt less hungry and lost five pounds in two months. White bread consumers experienced more hunger, ate more fatty foods, and did not lose weight. This does not mean you can get fed up. But include delicious brown bread, rich in fiber, such as rye or oatmeal in your daily diet, provides you with natural fiber, complex carbohydrates energizers and a good amount of protein. Keep in mind that coatings such as butter, are full of grease: therefore, limit your consumption. Be sure to buy whole wheat bread.

* Corn. He has taken a bad name, undeservedly. Some people think it makes you fat. It is rich in fiber and has been blessed with good amounts of iron and potassium. It is a cereal that mixed with legumes and legumes, provides a complete protein. The Tarahumara Indians of Mexico eat corn and beans all the time and do not suffer from problems such as blood cholesterol or cardiovascular disorders.

* Oatmeal You have heard and read all about the power of oatmeal and oat bran to lower cholesterol. The researcher who made this finding, Dr. James Anderson of the University of Kentucky, also discovered that his patients lost three pounds in two months by simply adding 100 grams (3 ounces) of oat bran to their daily diet.

* Pasta. It gives a feeling of fullness and does not make you fat. What can make you gain kilos are the ingredients that are used to prepare it as butter, oil, cheese … When you put low calorie and fat dressings, pasta-based food is ideal for any diet plan. The pasta is easily digested, and it is low in fat and sodium.

The 8 best airlines to travel with your dog in peace

Flying with your dog can quickly become stressful. The conditions of transport of animals vary enormously according to the airlines; tariffs, taxes, restrictions of size or weight, prohibition of transport in cabin, etc …

We have tried to make it easier for you by listing the major airlines and their animal transportation policy, so you can travel with your dog without any hassle.

1. Delta

On Delta flights, your dog can accompany you in the cabin provided that his cage is under the seat just in front of you and that your animal is small enough to move inside the cage without touching the edges. The maximum tolerated dimensions for the cage vary according to the destinations. Contact the Delta Reservations Department and deltaextranet.org to determine the appropriate size of the transport cage.


2. Air France and KLM

On Air France and KLM flights, you can transport your pet in the cabin provided it weighs less than 8kg, bag included. Otherwise, your dog can travel in the hold of luggage. The loads depend on the size and weight of the container (cage, box) in which your pet will be placed.


3. Lufthansa

So that he can travel with you in the cabin, your dog must not exceed 8kg (transport bag included) and you must pay a fee of 50 € for short-haul and 70 € for long-haul.

4. Vueling

You can carry in the cabin dogs whose weight does not exceed 8 kg (to still, bag or box of transport included). The others can travel in the hold up to a maximum of 3 animals per passenger. In all cases, you will need to pay 25 € on domestic flights and 40 € on international flights. Warning: the animals with turned-up nose (pug dogs, boxers, persian or Burmese cats) are not accepted, and the transport of an animal is not possible towards Great Britain.


5. Alitalia

To travel in the cabin, your pet must be placed in a cage with a maximum size of 40 cm in length 24 cm wide, and 20 cm in height. Beyond that, he will have to travel in the hold. In all cases you will need to pay 20 € for flights to Italy, 75 € to the rest of Europe and North Africa and 200 to 260 € for other international destinations.


6. Transavia

On Transavia flights, you can carry your dog in the cabin, if it weighs less than 10 kg, and if its cage measures a maximum of 47cm in length, 30 cm in width and 27 cm in height. If so, he will have to travel in the hold. He must also be at least 3 months and 21 days old. You will have to pay 40 € for one way in the cabin and 60 € for a single ticket in the hold.

7. Iberia

If it weighs less than 8kg, your pet can travel with you in the cabin provided that its cage has a maximum dimension of 45 cm long, 35 cm wide and 25 cm high. Beyond that, your animal will have to travel in the hold. You will have to pay between 25 € and 120 € to Spain, 50 € and 120 € for Europe, Africa or the Middle East, and between 150 and 300 € to America and Angola, Nigeria or Israel.


8. TAP Portugal

TAP Portugal accepts the transport of animals in the cabin or in the hold if their maximum weight – including bag – does not exceed 8kg. The maximum tolerated dimensions for the bag or crate are as follows: 45 cm long, 30 cm wide and 23 cm high.

In all cases, we strongly recommend that you call the booking service of the airline of your choice to know all the regulations concerning the transport of animals and to avoid unpleasant surprises at the airport.


Cleaning the house is already a time-consuming task, so a home with animals requires even more time and a much deeper cleaning.

Living with animals has many benefits. There are multiple studies that show that having pets helps the cognitive, social emotional and physical development of the little ones in the house. In addition, their care creates a sense of responsibility and fidelity and helps many people not to feel alone, stimulating contact and communication. However, having pets at home also has its risks, especially when it comes to hygiene and cleanliness. Certain pets like dogs or cats loose a lot of hair, for example. Others can give us problems with the odors they give off. Therefore, having pets necessarily means cleaning more thoroughly of our home (especially if we have children at home).

What aspects should be taken into account if we live with animals?

First, the hygiene of our pet is very important; They must be bathed with assiduity, avoiding unpleasant odors and germs. However, remember that each animal is different (cats have to wash more than dogs, for example) and that each has a period of cleaning. Some animals, if we bathe them excessively can lose the natural protective layer of their coat. In addition to bathing them, to release as little hair as possible, in the case of dogs and cats, it is advisable to brush them regularly.

On the other hand, we Bond cleaning Melbourne must establish a place in the house for them. A place where our pets sleep (be it a shed in the garden or a bed in the house). In this way, we can narrow down the areas where they spend the most time and, therefore, the places where we should go deeper with our cleaning. It is important that these places are covered by fabrics that are easy to wash and that are areas of little traffic. Also, letting the animals sleep with us is not a good option as even the most cared pet may appear fleas or other bugs harmful to us. There are some home remedies to eliminate fleas.

In addition, we must also establish where our animals will eat and drink. It is not recommended that this place be the kitchen, as they will surely leave food scraps, hair and drool that are not at all beneficial to an area like this, which requires a lot of hygiene and cleanliness.

How to clean a house with animals?

In this section we are going to give you a series of tips to keep in mind when cleaning a house with animals.

So that our pets do not make us more difficult the cleaning of the home, the best thing is that we leave them in a safe place that allow us to clean with total freedom. We can also take advantage of a time when they are away from home for any reason (a walk, a visit to the veterinarian, etc.).

The first thing to do is select the products that we can use for cleaning. Never use bleach or ammonia (or other chemicals that may affect them) as they are very harmful to animals and can even kill them. After this, you can start cleaning. Start with the areas where you spend the most time and will therefore need a more thorough cleaning (sometimes it will even be necessary to double-click the vacuum cleaner).

On the other hand, if you have carpets at home the most effective for cleaning is to shake them and let them air outside the house, to avoid this way that the dirt is indoors. It is also advisable to open all windows and ventilate the house well, so that the smell of the animals disappear more quickly.

In case your pet is the one that has dirtied a particular part of the house, doing their needs for example, it is best that we clean that area quickly so that the smell does not last long and thus prevent the animals from doing so again here.

With these simple tricks and tips you can have a clean home and in optimal conditions to enjoy a healthy coexistence with animals.

Women are defined by the type of underwear they wear

Care for underwear is a subject highlighted by psychologist Pilar Sordo in his book, “Seduction Lessons”.

In that text, it teaches the importance of wearing the perfect lingerie so that one feels cute and not for others to see. In that way, one would enhance the power of seduction.

Did we learn the lesson of seduction?

To know, in addition to analyzing if we wear the panties with the support of the same color, the Argentine writer and journalist Valeria Schapira invites us to revise her own alphabet to read who we are according to the “bombacha”, as Argentines call our calzones .

“It’s a humor I wrote in my book ‘Diary of a woman posmo’. We do not have to take it so seriously, it’s to laugh at ourselves and our tastes. I do not believe in generalizations, “he says from Buenos Aires.

In any case, she claims to be an analyst of reality and comments that in her nine publications she has tackled the subject of links, love relationships and everyday humor.

Under that concept, Valeria Schapira gives a fun categorization about the panties, because they would be the ones who dress our body and where the personality appears.

Do you identify with any of these? Which one do you use?

1. Big bibs or panties : They are worn by women who want to become sophisticated and subtly sexy. They are like consortium bags, unsightly and uncomfortable. The men detest the culotte (French term), except for the improbable case of a round and without wells, type Bridget Jones.

2. Vedettina: An anodyne variable of a calzon. It is worn by ladies with little personality who do not dare to cross the limit and show the whole ass, as it corresponds.

3. Thong: Leaves the buttocks in the air but covers the pubis. They are used by the semi – daring who dare “up there”. Usually, these women like traditional sex. Never a joy back.

4. Colaless: It has as an advantage that it does not cut the buttocks in parts and generates the sensation of the manzanita tail. It is usually used by mines that are already “back”, divorced or have passed through the stone to a few gentlemen. An applause for the colaless, even more if it is dental floss.

5. The drawings: They speak of a terrible immaturity on the part of their possessors, Usually 30-something women who still live by the ribs of their old men.

6. Lace : Denote an interest and care for one’s own body. Generally, girls and ladies who wear such subtle undergarments are anorgasmic.

7. Cotton swabs : The hypochondriacs that follow the letter of the gynecologist and, therefore, do not use daily protectors as well. A disgust. As these pantaloons become “balls”, these ladies always walk with sexy underwear to misery. Some men like cotton bombachitas, especially white ones, because they give them an idea of ​​purity. They do not know that their possessors have more laps than Schumacher.

8. Branded bombs, visible under the shorts : They are very used by those who want to show, even if they owe four months of expenses. Her fans are, usually, those same women who use Vuitton trout. A woman over 30 with this look is worth the death.

9. Animal print (leopard, zebras and various bugs): Here is a party of manual. If the bugs are combined with lace, let the Christian catch: he will be left with the worm.


Felines and especially tigers and lions are the attraction of many zoos. Experienced staff takes care of the welfare of the animals according to the particularities of their species and the zoos assure them a safe accommodation. Unfortunately, accidents due to human error occur on a recurring basis with the consequences that can be imagined for the personnel.

In an animal park in Berlin, a guardian was crushed by a muskox after she also forgot to close the door of the enclosure. The Münster Zoo has learned the lessons and has begun to provide its enclosures with high-performance safety techniques as they have been used for a long time in the industry.

New Locked doors for added home security systems

The safe operation of these locks is guaranteed by a safety switch CET installed on each access. These are placed inside the gate and in front of the door leading to the outdoor enclosure, the whole of the installation being controlled by an API.

The implementation of this safety technique has significantly improved the level of protection of the zoo’s employees. Before entering the animal area, the staff draws them into the inner enclosure. It is then possible to operate the safety system via the external key.

A lock is placed on the gate with the CET switch and in front of the door leading to the outer enclosure, Open only if all others are closed.Closing causes pressure in a cylinder.If the pressure is sufficient, it generates a pulse which also indicates the optical locking state.Green means authorization.If the indicators are green for both latches, the door secured by the CET switch can be released and opened to the outside with a key.In addition, the guard must make sure that the two tiggers are inside and that the two locks are closed with a surveillance screen.The key for the exterior exists only in a single copy to exclude that a second guardian can open the door by accident.The cleaner keeps the key on him.In the event of an emergency,Key switch disables the safety functions of the installation.The construction of the plant was preceded by a risk assessment in accordance with the Machinery Directive as well as the drafting of documentation in accordance with the standards by Niehues.

The installation has been received, after a complete survey, under the auspices of the professional body and the authorities of the Münster region as a control agency. Video surveillance, implementation of electromechanical security technology with its locks, gates, etc., as well as written training of staff were the responsibility of the zoo.

Protection against unauthorized opening

The TEC is an optimal solution when it comes to guaranteeing a high level of unlawfulness in the field of construction of machinery and production equipment. The transponder technology contributes greatly to this by unambiguously assigning each actuator an encoded actuator via a learning process. The unique encoding makes it impossible to bypass the function by a second actuator.

The combination of mechanical interlocking and transponder technology gives the safety switch a high level of safety. A single safety system already achieves a Performance Level e (PLe) as well as category 4 according to EN ISO 13849.

The CET is of course also in conformity with the interlocking requirement according to EN 1088 / EN 14119.

With the safety switch CET, Euchner offers two interlocking principles (principle off and principle on). It is the mechanical interlocking according to the principle off-load (quiescent current) which is used, for example, at the Münster zoo. The unlocking of the safety switch is effected here by the application of an electrical voltage to the electromagnet. Interlocking (principle off and principle energized).It is the mechanical interlocking according to the principle off-load (quiescent current) which is used for example at the Münster zoo.The unlocking of the safety switch is effected here by the application of an electrical voltage to the electromagnet.Interlocking (principle off and principle energized).It is the mechanical interlocking according to the principle off-load (quiescent current) which is used for example at the Münster zoo.

Zoo, yes or no? for Pregnant Mother with her children

A few days ago I published a post about some visits to the Zoo in Madrid that allow to know better the facilities inside. This opened up a very interesting debate in my circle of friends, generally very aware about respect for children, but also towards animals and the understanding of their rights.

It has made me reflect on this question and the truth, I would like to share my doubts with you.

Do we have the right to use animals to amuse ourselves?

We only love what we know. There is no doubt that animals deserve to be respected and not suffer for our whims and fun. I no longer speak of feeding on them, although the reality on the industrial farms would leave you overwhelmed, for the question of whether or not to be carnivorous is not the subject of which I propose to speak, but to use beings who feel for our pleasure, without need. Do we have the right to use animals to amuse ourselves and teach children that this is correct?

The suffering of captivity

That the animals, in the circuses , suffer a lot, I have made it very clear some time ago. In reserves or natural parks, where they can enjoy, not freedom, but if living conditions similar to normal, their state is surely better. The puppies that we buy can come from breeding places where mothers are mistreated in a frightening way to kill them of exhaustion, so if we want to live with an animal I will always advise you to go to a place with total guarantee or adopt a little animal with which you do not know Trade But what about the Zoo?

No matter how good the facilities are, in zoos the environments are very small and some animals live in distressing conditions. A tiger in an enclosed space I do not believe that he is happy, surely that you have seen them turning and turning on themselves, transmitting its unfortunate existence. Captivity causes suffering .

That they take care of them as best as possible, I do not doubt it and now I know that the intention is to avoid suffering and that they live well, but it is not freedom, and the animals surely feel the caging.

Does anyone know the Casa de Fieras del Retiro in Madrid? It’s already abandoned, but when you look at those caves and those nightmarish cages where bears, lions and tigers crowded before, you lose your soul at their feet.

Of course, the modern zoos, as in Faunia or the Cañada Real , the conditions of the animals are quite good and they take care of their habitats and food, procuring that they can at least move and take care of sick animals until their recovery . Anyway, there are precincts, by the one in which the lynxes of the Faunia are shown, that they feel very sorry for them, although they are alive and the majority of their congéneres dead.

Other sites have better conditions yet. My son has visited the Cabárceno Park several times and the truth is that, although these animals are not free, at least they live in spaces large enough to reproduce, in part, the living conditions they would have in Nature.

Perhaps the most distressing are the gorillas, looking at us through a crystal with a melancholy that, knowing as we now know their great intelligence, I am sure they are aware of much more than we think. I do not know if you will know the anecdote of a mother who visited a zoo with her baby and when she is crying, the female gorilla came to the glass and pointed to the mother her own chest, as saying that she had to nurse the baby She cried When I heard this story, that of a sister talking to another sister and recognizing the cry of a child, I could never see them as “simple beasts without feelings” never again.

I was also struck by the story of Christian the Lion , a puppy raised by humans who meets with them years later and recognizes them as his family, embracing them with a tenderness that leaves them excited.

It is a matter of course that animals should not be made to suffer for our pleasure, but certainly also a very respectable philosophical position which argues that we can not become masters of other living beings and enjoy ourselves as prisoners.

On the other hand, understanding that it is horrible to use animals to amuse ourselves , denying them the right to live naturally free, there were those who pointed out a reason also to take into account: we can not love what we do not know.

To know to love

The children of the city hardly have contact with the wildlife or with Nature. No matter how much they are told by parents and educators, of respect for other beings, or see documentaries, the real existence of these animals, alive, throbbing, with their eyes and their impressive presence, only feel when you really see them. Only when you know them can you love them .

To love them and desire their conservation, these friends said, it is necessary for the children to know them and to see them, to identify with them and to feel empathy, reason why the zoos would be a necessary evil that can serve to save many species of the destruction Thanks to children growing up loving them, even at the expense of the freedom of some members of the species who must live in care, but captive.

Both positions seem to me to be respectable, because they are born from love for animals and the desire that children grow up with the awareness of the respect they deserve and the preservation of the Natural Environment, but surely our readers can bring us new nuances. That’s why I ask you: zoo, yes or no? Read more here about the incident of  vaginal bleeding of a Mother.



Long zoos have tried to hide the cruelty of captivity behind a mask of “conservation education”. But a new study shows that learning is not usually the result .

Jo-Anne McArthur / We Animals


Sociologists in the United Kingdom collected data on children between the ages of 7 and 15, both before and after they visited the London Zoo. The researchers found that 59 percent of the children who took a guided tour of the zoo did not get positive educational results. That number goes to 66 percent when the children did not have a guide. And in many cases, the  zoo trip even had a negative  impact  on children’s understanding of animals and their habitats.

What can mainly be learned from these sad places is the way animals act when they are separated from their families, kept in captivity, and when they are denied everything that is natural and important to them.

Another study from surveycool.com shows how detrimental is captivity to animals.


Researchers of great apes observed 60 chimpanzees in three shrines and six zoos in North America, of which 36 were ” pets ” or used in circus acts. Chimpanzees that were raised by humans and therefore had “poor social histories” were  significantly less likely to bond with other apes  in grooming or sexual activity.

Dr. Stephen R. Ross, a researcher, noted: “Denying [chimpanzees] access to members of their own species during the critical period of infancy results in life-long, consequential behaviors. Even with the best care possible in adulthood, they often do not fit in with other chimpanzees. ”

Captivity: It is of very little benefit to humans and extremely harmful to animals.

Pyongyang Zoo exhibits dogs of different races

Lions, tigers and bears are normal attractions in any zoo, but the one just opened in the capital of North Korea has an unusual exhibition: dogs of all kinds Races

Schnauzers, German Shepherds, Shih Tzus and St. Bernard are some of the species seen in the “Canine Pavilion” of the Pyongyang Zoo.

Thousands of people come every day to the park animals , used to seeing elephants, giraffes, penguins and monkeys. In addition there is a museum of natural history with samples of the creation of the Solar System and the evolution of the terrestrial life.

But just in front of the cell of hippos and the cloister of reptiles, is the Canine Pavilion.

One of the dogs is a King Charles spaniel, gifted to the now deceased ruler Kim Jong Il by a US company in 1995. According to the plates above the cages which, to pet lovers’ relief, are clean and spacious, the Current leader Kim Jong One donated dogs such as schnauzers, poodles, German shepherds and a Chihuahua, check this link http://www.dogbreedindex.com/category/size/medium-dog-breeds for more medium size dogs.
Former South Korean President Kim Dae-jung, who tried to implement a more conciliatory policy toward the North, gave the neighboring country a Jindo dog who has now found his home in the zoo.

Certainly there is the official dog of North Korea: it is a Pung San breed that lives in the cell just next door.
While it may prove astonishing to those who are accustomed to considering dogs as domestic partners, the exhibit is reflecting a more relaxed attitude towards the canines by the North Koreans. While it is true that dog meat is a common dish in both North Korea, South Korea and China, the proportion of the population that is acquiring them solely to have them as pets is increasing.

It is becoming more common to see people walking their dogs in the streets of Pyongyang and other cities. And instead of recipes for cooking, the posters in the zoo’s cells offer tips for training canines, such as having lots of patience and affection instead of disciplining them with hardness.

Apart from dogs, another novelty of the zoo is that on each cage there is a sign that says who presented the animal, a way to convey the message that the rulers of the country are appreciated around the world. In addition, emphasis is placed on the generosity of Kim Jong Un, who also donated tigers, giraffes and other animals to the zoo.

A coffee among exotic animals, the latest attraction in Thailand

Two small fennec fox sleeping in a corner, in the “Little Zoo Cafe” cafe, in Nonthaburi, Thailand. This cafe has become fashionable attraction in Nonthaburi, a neighboring city to Bangkok, with a peculiar claim: best coffee makers for $100 in
A unique cafe offering this service becomes the new attraction in Thailand.
A coffee shop has become fashionable attraction in Nonthaburi, a neighboring city to Bangkok, with a peculiar claim: coffee between exotic animals from different places in Africa and Asia.Zorros fennec, meerkats (small mammals in the family mongoose living in areas of southern Africa), along with raccoons and red foxes are some of the copies that clients are in “Little Zoo Cafe” located in a quiet university area of ​​the city. “There are several cafes cats and dogs but none with animals like these. My intention is to introduce and teach people how to care for and respect these mammals, “he told Efe Wachiraporn Arampibulphol, owner of local.Dos girls look curious how a small fox fennec played with a wicker ball that just launched, while parents watch funny scene taking some coffee with a dessert of chocolate on a table across a screen local cristal.

El, which opened just a month ago, it has become an event not only for residents of Nonthaburi, but many Thais move to the town to spend time with these unique animals. “Since I opened the coffee, we receive an average of a hundred people a day and we do not keep up with the requests that we receive to social networking accounts. We did not expect such a welcome, “he says the entrepreneur owns entusiasmada.

La is also the owner of all the unusual animals in the rooms and says he has acquired these mammals for more than seven years and currently has about sixty, including its housing and local. “they all lived with me at home, so I decided to open this facility. Before showing the public must pass an adaptation period ranging from six to ten months. They are my family, not expose them to any danger, “says Wachiraporn while holding in his arms a groundhog to which affectionately called” Fatty “.

But coffee has its restrictions: before entering must wash hands and remove their shoes, as well always be under the supervision of one of the six workers of the center, which inform customers of the guidelines so as not to disturb the mammals. “we can not catch them in his arms and just touch them when they come to us and carefully , without disturbing, “says Ploy, a client of zona.

En the second floor, more spacious than the main, there are several low tables where people sit on the floor to take their drinking as a stealthy and fast red fox walks fluently between ellos.

En the same room, separated by a glass wall, there is a room with a few swings and a slide where two large raccoons at ease move to the espectación three Thais smile at them. “raccoons usually peaceful, but tire easily, so we have them in an isolated space and allow only a few get to be with them, “explains empresaria.Aunque these” pets “were imported legally, does not want to place Wachiraporn doubt and I have placed on the wall a certificate so conditioned sostiene.

En a corner rests a smaller fennec fox his brother the red, white fur and long pointed ears, without seeming to bother throwing sharp sounds the meerkat, his companion of room. “Cockie” says the coordinator of coffee referring to the animal sleepily, “he is about to give birth, so it rests most of the day” .

The red fox up and down the stairs continuously and obeys the owner when ordered to sit or lift the leg under the watchful eye of the audience. “We will repeat the experience no doubt. We love animals and has been amazing, “says Mike, a boy from Bangkok who, along with two friends, are preparing to leave the premises.

How to care for animal skin rugs

The animal skins require special care, especially when in contact with the ground. The distribution of natural spots and folds demands that we close attention when cleaning.

Skin rugs can transform any empty room in  an environment alive, elegant and above all very warm , and besides, if we choose well each piece will have acquired something forever, because these supplements are well preserved for many years and are very easy to care for .

While the lack of cleanliness in a carpet made of textile only results in excessive dust and unsightly, carpets and rugs skin run the risk of altering its colors and textures when they are not cleaned regularly.

carpet cleaning London Tips

To clean the piece, you have to dust remaining between the bristles with a clean, dry cloth , and then remove the remaining residue with a brush. Do not forget the edges.

Should it be necessary, you can use a handheld vacuum as a third phase. Do it once a week. If you are in a busy area, you can do it as many times as necessary.

If the carpet was stained with a substance , it is essential that the above, remove it with a clean cloth dampened with soapy water, without spreading to the clean parts. Be careful not too wet cloth.

To dry, place the carpet in a ventilated but not too much light. Leather sometimes needs time to blur the spots .

Place the mat on a chair or a clothesline, away from direct sunlight , to cool and let dry completely. Place it with the back upwards, so that the hairs are face down and away from the sun. Once dry, trasládala to an indoor environment.

Never use solvents to clean leather, or wash cowhide with automatic washing or dry cleaning. Do not dry cow leather in the dryer or use hot irons.

I am not in favor of animal skins, but it never hurts to know how to care for furnishing .

20 things you (probably) did not know Jurassic Park

We believed. When we left the cinema thought was possible that Spielberg had opened the gap to return to exist dinosaurs. Have 20 years and the unaged film lingers past, yes we are, however, older and we are not so sure that we can play one day a Triceratops or watch (from a distance) as the T. rex eaten a goat . To make this report we have kicked the darkest corners of InGen, searched websites of all kinds, from the Park Pedia until this in which we found wonderful documents like those ‘homosaurios’ you never saw or that hotel to satisfy your sexual fantasies more Jurassic , and of course we have seen all kinds of videos about creating these wonderful creatures.

If you are one of those that vibrate (like that mythical glass of water) to hear the roar of a T. rex , if your father stopped being molón when you met with Dr. Alan Grant, if your favorite dinosaur became the Velociraptor and if you had nightmares with that copy of Dilophosaurus spewing poisonous fluids, that means you’ll taste this list avidly and probably already have entries in your hand 3D revival of this masterpiece of science fiction.

The novel of the 2 million

Even before his novel about dinosaurs was published, Michael Crichton set the price of their rights in a million and half dollars, smart boy. Warner Bros and Fox entered the auction but was Unversal Pictures who the cat to water thanks, they say took, to Steven Spielberg not stop pressuring the producer. It turns out that the director knew of the existence of this book months earlier when he was discussing with Crichton about creating that mythical series called ER . Both were talking about Jurassic Park, the novel in which the writer was working at the time.Spielberg is obsessed. A cross between a zoo and a theme park? A story that combines science, adventure and dinosaurs? It was a project for the director of ETWhen Universal already had rights in his possession for a small fee of two million dollars, Spielberg, thrilled, he began to develop the storyboard. He not even had written the script.

The endearing businessman Hammond was evil

It turns out, that John Hammond is in the book (and in early drafts of the script) a businessman unscrupulous. However, Spielberg felt identified with the character because of the desire to impregnate all of theatricality and the incombustible love for their grandchildren. Total, the director decided to make it a nice abuelete. And then, who put as bad guy? A computer was the perfect choice considering that the director had some grudge even though Jurassic Park is as we know thanks to them. Mucho ‘King Midas’ but Steven never got over the divorce of her parents, she was a pianist and he … computer. Chance?

But that was not the only change that was made in the script Crichton, David Koepp , the second hand stuck to the script, he incorporated the famous animated short film that explains the process of cloning dinosaurs. It also changed the relationship of Dr. Alan Grant with children, at first an insufferable edge and end a real doting father.

Who wants to be Alan Grant? … No?

It is not entirely clear who first offered the role but what is certain is that Dr. Alan Grant could be Kurt Russell, or William Hurt or even Harrison Ford . All said no. At a conference on the 30th anniversary of Raiders of the Lost Ark Ford protested about half joking and half serious Spielberg that this doubt him for the role of Indiana Jones. Steven actor looked surprised and immediately addressed the audience saying, “Do you know who offered starring in Jurassic Park? This guy outof here. Yes, Alan Grant is right here . “Ford looked down very embarrassed and timid” yeah “he changed the subject.


The island then visit John Locke

The filming of Jurassic Park were started on August 24, 1992 on the Hawaiian island Kaua’i , there Triceratops scene sick or cage rolled Velociraptors. After Hurricane Iniki (which delayed a day filming) went to another island called Oahu,also in Hawaii. There was recorded the stampede of Gallimimus. It would be right there in that corner of Honolulu where decades after such a JJ Abrams crash a plane to start filming what would become one of the most important series of television of all time County Lost . There would have been more that JJ Abrams would have given a face to face between the (happy) black smoke and mechanical sounds intimidating Tyrannosaurus rex.

Welcome to the filming of Jurassic Park

The above document should speak for itself. Not even in the extras of the veryspecial editions of Blu-ray videos appear on the shooting as raw as this. No voiceovers, or assembly. In this clip, which was originally part of a press kit , we can see how Steven Spielberg makes jokes the young Joseph Mazzello on mosquitoes and amber, see how converses with Sam Neill about his character and how it fits with your hands before rolling . Best, Steven big smile when wheel transmitting the infinitely wonderful feeling to have fun with what you do. The worst, that there is no time pressure, what is a shoot without those moments when it seems that everything is going to go to hell?

The Fantastic Four

At first Spielberg it came up with the idea of making dinosaurs real size animatronics. He soon realized that this was a chimera. That was when he gathered the best creative in the industry. A sort of . Team special effects Their names were: Stan Winston, the guy who created the exoskeleton of Terminatorwould be responsible for some of the animatronix (most were only half of the dinosaur body, what was on screen) ; Michael Lantieri, who came from Indiana Jones and Back to the future, had the task of supervising the interactive elements,Phil Tippett, it brought an Oscar under his arm Return of the Jedi, he would be the man of the Go-Motion and finally Dennis Muren, the guy who had overseen the effects of Star Wars and ET lead the team of Industrial Light and Magic to make history by putting the real dinosaurs of film history in post – production.

A herd of skeletons Gallimimus

We have already talked about that Spielberg had tirria computer and everything that came out of them, it is not uncommon to doubt the dinosaurs created by computer. The first test of Muren and his team was a group of skeletonsGallimimus running through a field. Steven was impressed but not convinced and he doubted the realism of the bugs on the screen, say not rule out the animationGo-Motion Tippett. One day Muren decided to cross the line and returned with another test, a T. rex walking across the field in broad daylight. Spielberg blanched without thinking twice decided to use effects for all scenes in which the dinosaurs came out whole. Digital effects probably would not be so evolved if Spielberg had not thrown a vacuum there in 1992.

“I think I’m an extinct species”

This is exactly what he said Tippet when he saw the T. rex created with digital effects. He tells that he was out of work. How could compete technique Go-Motion with that dinosaur that looked so real? Spielberg reassured him and entrusted the role of consultant team of animators, something had to serve all research on the movement of animals had done before. In any case his comment after seeing the Rex was used in the film:

Dr. Grant: “I think we’re out of work”
Malcolm: Do not you mean extinct?

Creative, dinosaur skin (literally)

Imagine a bunch of computer, creative, artisans and designers scurrying through the garage office as if they were real Gallimimus. We know this because they were videotaped. Not that he had gone mad, that just as they were, what they wanted was to take a reference before the scene of the stampede and create dinosaurs with a more realistic behavior. However, those who really and literally got into the skin of a dinosaur were the guys who worked with Stan Winston . The animation team built costumes Velociraptors and got into them, the previous video is one of the best documents saved by InGen.

Off with the language that Velociraptor!

In this short wonderful Go-Motion by Tippet as a guide, plane to plane, one of the best scenes of the film, the Velociraptors not stop putting out tongue, they would have if they were reptiles. But the fact is that they are not. When Spielberg called a famous paleontologist named Jack Horner to be his consultant on the film and he saw the short asked cabreadísimo: “Who has put those damn languages velociraptors ?!” Tippet said very shy, “I sir. ” ” The dinosaurs are, in any case birds, reptiles never “ ruled Horner.

A new species was discovered

The original abductors, called by scientists Velociraptor mongoliensis were not terrifying enough for Spielberg and he decided to wrest feathers and increase its size to that measured about three meters high passing over the wisdom ofnature. The funny thing was that just during the production of Jurassic Park, in January 1992, scientists discovered a species of raptor that was exactly the same as the female devised by Steven, they called Utahraptor. Stan Winston, one of the creative, he said in one occasion: “we did and they discovered”.

Spielberg’s favorite

When he was young his parents gave him a triceratops and the young Steven turned him since his favorite dinosaur. It was inevitable that this kind of herbivorous lizard it in the film. Her scene is also one of the most impressive since the animatronic lying and sick seems to be fully alive , what a paradox.Viscous language, look and especially your breath put us the willies. It’s just that moment in the film when the viewer realizes that the team definitely special effects of this film has revived an extinct species. And of course, the child who lives within Steven, must go crazy with this triceratops. Who has not thought sometime how wonderful it would cherish this creature?

A Alan Grant will raise the bride

Who has never thought that Jeff Goldblum and Laura Dern are far more chemistry than the pairing of her and Sam Neill cast the first stone. Effectively and as much as we like the courage and honesty to dress the Dr. Alan Grant, the girl took the kind of chaos. Goldblum and Dern committed after the film. However, the idyll did not last long and before they called to Goldblum to film The Lost World the couple had already separated. Perhaps because of this break was the eccentricity of the actor.

Ariana Richards, the young niece of Hammond, tells a story in which Joey Mazzello, his brother in the film, and she was on a break from filming when they heard the thunderous voice of Goldblum reading the script. The vision should be that of a mad preacher talking about dinosaurs. “Goldblum did not study the script as most actors I had been before, quietly and discreetly. No. Jeff read at full speed and very loudly! “ Maybe I just wanted to draw the attention of Laura Dern, in any case, he got away with it.

The problems that InGen be found

No, the moment the dream of the company Mr. Hammond is not possible . Or at least it would be far more complicated, if possible, than in the film. First. The mosquito in question had to have had only a dinosaur as a food source, it would also be impossible to know what the species as it could be from a bird to a lizard.Second. today you can not amplify large amounts of DNA, as the complete genome of a dinosaur, for example. Third . As you all know the holes DNA are filled with frogs , this is almost impossible considering that you have to know which genes dinosaur are homologous with frogs. Fourth. We imagine that they had managed to fill those gaps, then it should be injecting the DNA into a cell nucleus of fertilized egg of an ostrich -the they use in the film. And Quinto. at this point would only regulate the embryo with the original hormones which feed that particular species of dinosaur. It sounds complicated right?

The T-Rex sounds like a baby elephant

The roars of these Jurassic creatures are an invention of computer effects, but an admirable invention, in any case. The T-Rex, for example, was made by mixing the sounds of a tiger, a crocodile and a baby elephant on the other hand your breath is a whale. One of the most elaborate squealing is that terrifying and deceptive (for its size) dinosaur called Dilophosaurus – which spits some kind of substance venomous. his annoying squawks were created through a combination of swansong, howler monkeys, rattlesnakes and hawk. a lot more intimidating than the Velociraptor, whose voice It consists of two sounds completely harmless animals such as dolphins and walrus.

Only one of the dinosaurs trod Hawaii

The team of Winston created a virtually perfect robots . They drew first, then made clay models to scale and finally built skeletons remote control, to create movement after the skin (latex) of the dinosaurs. However, only one of these mammoth machines went for a walk in Hawaii , was the Triceratops. The others were used in sets. Rex, a huge bug that the animation team said it was as dangerous as the animal he represented, was used at the scene of dinosaur attacking vehicles, shooting, in fact, had enough delays recreation of the cyclone.The dinosaur skin foam rubber was wet and had to stop filming. They tried to fix what they could in postproduction.

A wave inspired by Earth, Wind & Fire

If you think of Jurassic Park your mind turns to the image of a T.Rex running behind a car and a glass of water with several waves propagating in the liquid.The glass of water that informs us of the imminent presence of Rex it is one of the great icons of the film. Make that effect almost crazy to Michael Lantieri , the special effects supervisor on occasion he said , “we created the dinosaurs, yes, but vibrating the glass of water was definitely the most difficult film” . The happy idea came from Spielberg. The director liked listening to Earth, Wind & Fire blaring in your car and seeing the mirror vibrated with the bass thought it would be great that the arrival of the rex cause those concentric circles in the water glass.

Lanteri tested yet consulted sound engineers, physicists and experts in waves, but could not get that effect in the water. The night before shooting was at home mulling over the matter, picked up the guitar and put a glass top, when it touched strings vibrating saw . At the time of shooting the scene, Lantieri took a guitar string and passed through the car to the ground, where they put a guy to do a tap and … voila. Rock and Roll.

If you do not move, you will be saved … or not

We all know that if one day, for whatever reason, we passed on our way Tyrannosaurus all you have to do is be very still. Either that taught us Jurassic Park . Sorry to disappoint you but because Uncle Steven was wrong, if we did if we would become dinosaur snack. When was filmed Jurassic Park was not clear if the T-Rex had a vision that was based on the movement but Spielberg wanted toinclude that feature in the film and when consulted with Horner, paleontologist, this gave the nod as many reptiles have that trait. However, time has betrayed that theory because apparently and according to the latest research theTyrannosaurus Rex has a wonderful view. Go letdown.

How many rabbits are there in the film?

Perhaps the most famous is that of Laura Dern jumping the same trunk three times while being chased by a kidnapper, or that ravine 10 meters between Cage Rex and asphalt and that the dinosaur had to cross floating . Each will have our favorite but for 20 years everyone has fun we find these (forgivable) kits. at last there is a video in three minutes summarizing all of them, with some evil though.Because we always we have laughed failures racord from a loving tone. What does it matter that the teacher is looking Velociraptor egg and the next shot is Hammond? What difference does that helicopter going in the wrong direction when entering the island? In postproduction created the most real dinosaurs of film history, why worry about trifles?

Cinema without Jurassic Park

It ‘s not just a blockbuster , is the Shark nineties. We were scared at the movies, but when leaving we wanted to know all about these creatures, we bought bundles of collections of dinosaurs, we learned their names and suddenly we loved biology …

Spielberg began filming Schindler’s List just after Jurassic Park, in fact disowned the post in which he left in command to one George Lucas. Hence special thanks in the credits. Both film list Shcindler and Jurassic Park , competed in the same ceremony of the Oscars , important took them Schindler, of course, but you and I know, dear reader, that the history of celluloid can do without that film the holocaust but nevertheless not understand the movies today without the dinosaurs.


More movie news, upcoming movies and TV shows Watch Movies Online.

Repeated cases of individuals killed in zoos irritate the animal advocates

  • Gorilla death Harambe ignites the debate on the need for conservation enclosures for animals in captivity
Repeated cases of individuals killed in zoos irritate the animal advocates

Harambe. The gorilla was shot dead in an operation which sought to save a three year old child who fell into the pit (Jeff Mccurry / AP)

9 Medications For Human dangerous for Pets

Every year, tens of thousands of pet guardians call center or their animal toxicology veterinary worried because your dog or cat has ingested a toxic substance.

While pet owners are aware of poisons and other potential hazards in the home, many do not know that many common prescription medicines for humans and OTC can pose a danger to a beloved pet.

9 Medications that Pet Topping the Hazardous Drug List For Human

    1. (NSAIDs). Antiinflammatory drugs Topping the list of medicines for humans who can enter the mouth of pets are nonsteroidal anti -inflammatory drugs or NSAIDs. Some brands are Advil, Motrin and Aleve.

Your pet is extremely sensitive to the compounds of these drugs you can get very sick and even a very small dose. Cats can suffer kidney and liver damage, and any pet ingests NSAIDs may develop ulcers of the digestive tract.

Symptoms of poisoning include gastrointestinal upset, vomiting, bloody stools, extreme thirst, increased frequency of urination, spasms and convulsions.

    1. Acetaminophen / Paracetamol. Next on the list we find another anti -inflammatory called acetaminophen, Tylenol which is the best known.Other drugs, including certain types of Excedrin and various preparations for colds and sinusitis also contain acetaminophen.

Cats are particularly at risk of acetaminophen, only two extra-strength tablets can be fatal. If your dog ingests paracetamol the result can be a permanent liver damage. And the higher the dose, the more likely to occur damage red blood cells.

Symptoms of acetaminophen poisoning are lethargy, difficulty breathing, dark urine, diarrhea and vomiting.

    1. Pseudoephedrine. The number three is pseudoephedrine. It is a decongestant compound found in a wide range of medicines for colds and sinusitis. Many of these preparations also contain acetaminophen.

Pseudoephedrine and phenylephrine, another decongestant, are highly toxic to pets. A single tablet containing 30 milligrams of pseudoephedrine can cause a small dog show clinical signs of toxicity, and only three tablets can be fatal.

    1. Antidepressants. If your dog or cat ingests an antidepressant, symptoms may include listlessness, vomiting and in some cases, a condition known as serotonin syndrome. This condition can cause agitation, disorientation and high heart rate, along with blood pressure and body temperature, tremors and seizures.

The antidepressant Effexor and Cymbalta topped the list of pet poisonings in 2013. For some reason, kittens are attracted to these drugs, which can cause serious neurological and cardiac side effects. Other common brands of antidepressants are Prozac and Lexapro.

    1. Medicines to treat diabetes. If you or a family member taking an oral diabetes medication such as glipizide and glyburide, be sure to keep these medicines out of reach of your pet. Diabetes medications can cause a dangerous drop in blood sugar levels in the blood of your pet, which can cause seizures , disorientation, lack of coordination.
    2. Medications for ADD and ADHD. Drugs for attention deficit disorder (ADD) and attention deficit disorder and hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) are amphetamines and are very dangerous to pets. Consuming small amounts of these drugs can cause deadly tremors, seizures, elevated body temperature and heart problems. Common brands include Ritalin, Adderall and Concerta.
    3. Vitamin D derivatives derived from vitamin D as calcitriol and calcipotriol is the used to treat a wide range of human conditions, including osteoporosis, thyroid problems and psoriasis.

These compounds can be very quickly fatal if ingested by your dog or cat because they raise calcium levels in the blood. Signs of toxicity include loss of appetite, vomiting, increased urination and excessive thirst due to kidney failure.

    1. Beta Blockers. Even taken in very small amounts, beta – blockers used to treat high blood pressure can cause serious problems for pets. Overdoses can trigger a threatening decrease blood pressure and heart rate.
    2. Benzodiazepines and sleeping pills. Benzodiazepine and sleeping pills such as Xanax, Klonopin, Ambien and Lunesta, are designed to reduce anxiety and help people sleep better. However, in domestic animals, sometimes they have the opposite effect.

About half of the dogs ingesting sleeping pills stirred instead of sedated. In addition, these drugs can cause severe lethargy, incoordination, and slowed breathing. In cats, some forms of benzodiazepines can cause liver failure.

Unless Keep Your Pet

To prevent your dog or cat is about your medicines, always keep them safe and out of reach, and never give your pet medication without first consulting your veterinarian.

  • Never leave loose pills in a plastic sandwich bag, the bags are easy to chew. Make sure all family members and guests do the same, keeping their medicines out of reach of your pet.
  • If you keep your medication in a pill box or container weekly pills, be sure to store the container in a closet, as your dog might think it’s a plastic toy.
  • Never store your medications near your pet medications. Animal toxicology centers receive hundreds of calls every year from worried pet owners because they inadvertently gave their own medicine to your pet.
  • Hang your purse or backpack. A curious animals like to browse the contents of your bag and simply placing it on high and out of reach solves the problem.

Remember: Almost 50 percent of all pet poisonings involving human medicines. Pets metabolize drugs in a very different way of people. Even herbal medicines without a prescription and seemingly benign, including vitamins and minerals for humans, can cause serious poisoning in pets.

If your pet has ingested a drug for human-counter or prescription, please call your veterinarian immediately to a local hospital for emergency animal or animal toxicology center of common medications for dogs and cats is available 24 hours.

Examples of web pages about zoos


Dental hygiene in dogs

Dental hygiene improves quality of life for dogs and prevents diseases during all stages of life of the animal – according to a dentist in Florence SC.

Without good dental hygiene, plaque as the dog ages will appear. Proper cleaning of your pet’s teeth is essential to avoid problems of bad breath (halitosis), gum swelling and pain or difficulty eating. Poor oral hygiene in can can degenerate even more serious diseases affecting organs such as the kidney, heart or liver. Prevention is the best weapon for the animal to reach old age with healthy teeth and gums.

Thousands of years ago, humans began to cook our food. Cooking and roast edible contributed greatly to keep our teeth longer, no longer they had to chew raw foods. Keep complete denture allowed man to increase their life expectancy. But it also was needed to monitor oral hygiene .

A tooth cleaning dog for every age

As in the case of people, dental health in domestic dogs does not occur spontaneously. Because a dog is not able to brush his teeth alone, the oral hygiene of the animal becomes a responsibility of the owner.

Each stage of the dog’s life requires certain specific care for your mouth. But dental health should start from the animal is a puppy. Dog breeding between two and three weeks old, already has 28 teeth. The permanent teeth not long in coming. The dog with between six and eight months, will have 42 teeth must accompany him throughout his life.

Tartar: first symptom of poor oral hygiene

The consequences of poor oral hygiene appear before what one might think: a high percentage of dogs have dental problems from three years old. Tartar is one of the first symptoms that indicate that we are not performing properly oral hygiene of your pet.

The unhealthy dental plaque is an accumulation of salts (calcium and phosphorus) on the surface of the teeth. The concentration of these substances is used by bacteria in the mouth, because in that deposit saliva and food debris not removed with the toothbrush falls.

It is best to educate the dog from an early age, so that brushing your teeth is part of the games and affection that the animal receives

The food that the animal ingests accumulates between teeth and around the gums, harden and appears tartar . This scale is the perfect home for bacteria that will gradually degrade the gums (gingivitis) and as unpleasant colophon, achieve the dog lose tooth.

The removal of this plaque embedded requires veterinary intervention even be necessary to anesthetize the animal. Good oral health in our pet avoid having to subject the dog to this intervention. Thus, it is important to do a weekly review of the animal’s mouth by the owners and every six months at the vet.

Brushing routine can

It is best to educate the dog from an early age, so that brushing your teeth is part of the games and affection that the animal receives. When the puppy and experience the oral cleaning habit as normal, should be performed once a week . Having achieved this, we must be consistent and maintain the habit of brushing. At first, a brush can be used without pasta, or even start rubbing the teeth alone with your finger until the dog accepted.

“The bristles of the brush the dog should be smooth, with rounded ends, straight and arranged in multiple groups , ” says José Enrique Zaldivar, veterinarian and author of blogveterinario.com. “The size of the brush head is keeping the size of the dog. Do not use human toothpaste that would lead to digestive problems, excess fluoride, salt, and baking , ” advises Zaldivar. The high content of fluoride toothpaste for people can be toxic to the can because it can cause an abnormally abundant salivation, abdominal pain, vomiting and diarrhea.

This explains why it is very important that the products we use for oral and dental hygiene are specific to our pet dogs. There is a huge amount of items of canine dental hygiene: from special brushes to massage your gums to toothpaste with chicken flavor.

dental cleaning through food

Opt for dry food (kibble feed) instead of feeding our dog with canned food, it is another favor we can do to our dog’s teeth. Rubbing producing balls feed against the teeth helps to prevent the formation of tartar and plaque. But that gesture is not, of course, no substitute for good oral hygiene.

The owner can also offer the dog other specific products for good oral hygiene. This is the case of some canine snacks shaped bone or toys made ​​of natural rubber or nylon, perfect to clean the dog’s teeth and, at the same time, massage the gums of the animal while off some nice flavor. These small grocery and playthings can also be used as prizes, which suprimiríamos other goodies that help create tartar on the teeth of our pet.


  • Check your dog’s teeth once a week and, every six months, make a visit to the vet for further exploration.
  • Brush teeth of the animal with a specific soft bristle brush; Never use toothpaste people, it can be toxic to the dog.
  • Small breeds are more prone to developing tartar and plaque as well as the Boxer, the Chiuaua or Maltese.
  • Choose dry diet contributes to good maintenance of dental health of the dog.
  • There are specific products to combat tartar, as snacks or toys of rubber or nylon.
  • Start from when they are puppies. This will facilitate the can get used to taking care of teeth.

Santa Fe Zoo opens new space with exotic animals

It is a place of 1,518 square meters built by an agreement between the Ministry of Environment, the Corporation Parque Arvi Medellin and Roof Restoration Melbourne .

In the new exhibition, zoo visitors will find various exotic animals introduced in recent years in Colombia and that over time and with no natural predators have managed to reproduce in wooded areas, to the extent that some of them havealready reached category pests and threaten to displace in the dizzying proliferation of native wildlife species.

Including salamanders, hedgehogs African, Amazonian cockroaches and geckos are included.

Also, in the ‘Roof Restoration Melbourne’, as he has been called to this space, other native animals such as the false coral, the toche snake, toad and the shit will include that, unlike the first, have been persecuted to the point that in many regions have seen their populations decreased considered disgusting, with little grace or transmit diseases.

In this work the Mayor of Medellin invested 26 million pesos for the adjustments of the new module Zoological Park Santa Fe , which will allow visitors to appreciate and recognize the importance and diversity of the natural world in miniature that, contrary to what many think, has great performance in order to maintain nature in perfect harmony.

The effect of music on animals

Already said Nietzsche , “Without music, life would be a mistake.” The music is present in nature and virtually everything has its sounds , causing the most diverse effects in animals . Humans are not the only animals able to send and receive messages using different sounds, many species communicate, warn of danger through sound stimuli and also prefer a certain type of music before others. Today we ‘ll talk a little about the zoomusicology and the effect of wedding dj melbourne music on animals .

the zoomusicology

Surely you have heard little or nothing about the zoomusicology , it is a field between Zoology and Musicology, also known as zoosemiotics . He studied at the music of the animals nonhuman, the ways in which they respond to sounds and effects that music has on them.

Perhaps this may not be relevant to many, however, if we think for example in the form in which, by emitting sounds at different frequencies, whales able tocommunicate under the sea; how do birds with spectacular songs or beasts as they do with their guttural sounds, among others, the zoomusicology can be really interesting. It is even more interesting if we consider that there are experiments and investigations have shown that in addition to communicate this way, animals can have changes in your mood or even prefer different musical styles.

On some of the experiments

In 1909, The New York Times published an article entitled ” The effects of music on Animal Zoo , ” in which he spoke about the effects of music on all kinds of species Bronx Zoo, naming reptiles, primates, birds, elephants and lions while the question was asked: are the animals will appreciate music? In the experience, it was noted that orangutans responded with a clear liking to pieces Caruso and they were also able to move his body following the beats the rhythm of a swing.

In other animals like camels, also seemed to be a sense of satisfaction, animalscraning his neck and approached the source of the sound. Moreover, canines such as coyotes and wolves showed frightened and uneasy with the same views. Today, over 100 years later, the question is still present and has been the focus of much research.

¿Universal Music?

On the other hand, many biomusicólogos have spoken of a “universal music” and the idea that music can function almost innately, as a natural sense of animals. It has been argued that the musical language is a language that in a way, both humans and many other animals share.

This is mentioned for example whales and birds, as in the sounds they emit can recognize different rhythms, lengths and musical structures used by humans when composing music . Nature itself is capable of creating pleasant sounds, for both humans and other animals , and in this regard, an interesting fact is that for example Mozart composed his Piano Concerto in G Major in a way in which this match exactly with the singing of his starling bird.

Monkeys and music

Returning to our days, just a few years ago, in 2009, cellist of the National Symphony Orchestra, alongside the psychologist Charles Snowden from the University of Wisconsin, conducted an experiment in which it was found that otheranimal species are able to emotionally react to musical stimuli . In it different tunes for an audience of marmosets of Central American forests were interpreted.

After studying the monkeys detail and analyze the sounds to communicate, several pieces were composed for them. Thus, two compositions in form and structure were emitting similes to monkeys to alert danger, or who cast when they felt safe were interpreted.

Before the pieces, the monkeys reacted according to the same patterns, responding with greater intensity when sounded the first composition: the monkeys shook his head, stuck out their tongues and constantly looked around. In conclusion, the researchers noted that the results were very suggestive and could serve to understand that the emotional music can have a long evolutionary history.

Undoubtedly, there is still a lot to understand and analyze. What do you think about it? Do you really think animals react to music or that it is a simple sound natural mechanism of survival?

Zoo: the new series about the revenge of the animals

Star Summer Series CBS will begin on June 30 with an innovative and wild proposal. You’d present the rebellion of the animals in melty!

The protagonists will face violence of animals

In June 2013, the American movie channel putlocker launched ‘Under The Dome’ . The series of spectacular figures collected audiences with 13.53 million Americans earrings plot. A year later, in July 2014, the shift comes ‘Extant’ also met with the curious sum of 9.5 million followers who could see Halle Berry in production. This summer it is the turn to ‘Zoo’ and the day of its release is marked on June 30 (you can watch movies online free on Xmovies8). CBS hopes to achieve some similar numbers that he obtained with his previous two own productions. Summer is a time when the series looking for a space outside the dates in which more drag award – winning series competition. The summer is a good strategy to try new series or a position in the calendar, as it has done Teen Woolf, which celebrates the start of its fifth season with a double premiere of the first episodes on 29 and 30 June .
The series of the CBS revolves around the mysterious spate of attacks against human animals. Of this sudden rage not spared any more docile pets, they do not hesitate to attack their caregivers. The Dr. Oz Jackson , played by James Wolk, will be responsible for alerting the world about the strange situation they are living. The student belonging to the Universida of Californa think the root of the problem is due to some kind of ecological event of which the cause is unknown . It will have the help of Chloé, a character who will play the actress Nora Arnezeder. If you want to know more about the future summer series in melty we will show the unedited excerpts from the first chapter of Zoo and give us an idea of what awaits us throughout its 13 chapters . What do you expect of the show?

YouTube: elephant defends a man who is attacked in zoo

The caregiver was in danger and decided to help the animal. Video YouTube is viral.

Video captured the attention of thousands on YouTube. (Photo: YouTube capture).

A curious video that has gone viral on YouTube  shows that elephants never forget their friends, except when they are in trouble. The episode was filmed in Thailand.

The footage shows how a man attacks the elephant keeper to provoke the reaction of the animal. Everything happens as planned and the “aggressor” had to flee quickly.

In the YouTube clip , the pachyderm called “Thongsri ” is quick to defend his fallen on the floor product “attack” partner. Then looking after him is if some other intruder approaches.

This scene that caused admiration YouTube was recorded in Chiang Mai, the largest city in northern Thailand, but went around the world thanks to the Internet and help the owner buy youtube subscribers cheap

Recording is not new, but in recent days became popular on different websites in the world. In the channel “viralhog” YouTube garnered more than 300,000 views in 4 days.


Training zoo animals for medical purposes

The care of the animals found in zoological collections is provided requires the search for new and better ways to contain a more safe and effective way to different species by their size, weight, strength or temperament difficult handling and they pose a danger when attempting to perform any type of procedure necessary to ensure optimal health in captivity. Know the results of this training program.


The care of the animals found in zoological collections is provided requires the search for new and better ways to contain a more safe and effective way to different species by their size, weight, strength or temperament difficult handling and they pose a danger when attempting to perform any type of procedure necessary to ensure optimal health in captivity.

The medical interventions performed in zoos should be done in such a way that does not endanger the health or life of the animal and the people who perform these procedures which in many cases it is necessary to have structures conducive to physical containment of certain species or the use of drugs to sedate or numb, in many cases these common practices are difficult because they are wild animals which are used to any kind of handling not complicating their condition or sometimes making it impossible which can treat or medicate. Animal training based on operant conditioning has been helpful to perform endless medical procedures with the species in captivity, promoting the application of preventive medicine, treatment and basic care needed to be had with all animals that come under our responsibility.


Contact protected and Positive Reinforcement

Contact protected home in the early nineties in the United States by the need to have options for managing elephants for two main reasons: to increase operator safety (in 1991 the United States Department of Labor named to the coaching profession elephant as one of the most dangerous in the world) and eliminate attacks that have to endure elephants in a system of free contact.

Over the past decade, elephants have begun to be handled by the exclusive method of operant conditioning, known as protected contact system. For the first time in 4000 years they can handle elephants without the need to use aggressive methods of control and physical discipline.
African Safari is a type zoo safari in which a program of animal training was implemented for 5 years, taking the base contact protected and giving positive reinforcement safety and great benefit to the animals involved the option to decide and participate on a voluntary basis without any repercussions. The program is based on select species that somehow need further intervention or its routine management involves risks for being extremely dangerous because of their size, weight, temperament, etc.

Since the beginning of the program goals and objectives to develop different species based on history and common complications that need improvement or change completely eliminating the use of force, punishment or restriction of food to achieve some behavior were established.
The sessions, routines and exercises will be focused solely to clinical and zootechnical support required thus eliminating the confusion of training gym for other functions as acts that degrade the animal (circuses).

The results obtained after three years of applying animal training program were:

1 , increase operator safety
is needed routine care to the animals found in a menagerie, therefore there is always the risk of an attack or accident and even if attempting any intervention that causes some discomfort the animal, with prior training we can get voluntary cooperation by the animal, time and degree of intervention that can be achieved depends on many factors such as the nature of the species, sex, age, history, facilities, social structure, conditions , ability of the trainer and any distractions that may affect or change a behavior during a training session.
2; Increases the safety of the animal
There are an endless number of clinical procedures that can be developed through training, without the need to physically contain or chemically animals, thus decreasing the likelihood that they suffer an injury and increase the frequency with which you can repeat treatment.
the species that have worked include elephants, giraffes, bears, chimpanzees, hippos, rhinos and small primates obtaining different benefits without compromises the integrity of the animal as:
– Sample Collection
–                         blood
-lagrima – full body checkup – Monitoring frequency – Verification of weights – Maintenance and care of nails, claws, hooves. – Application of drugs in multiple ways – Testing (TB ) – Shipments – rectal palpation – artificial Insemination

3; Physical and mental stimulation
With training is achieved that animals perform certain physical and mental activity to complete their goals and encouraging them to carry out work and solving simple problems.

4; Research
gives us the possibility to make a large number of studies by the facility to obtain accurate data, samples and specific parameters and standards monitoring and application of drugs frequencies.

5; Occupational therapy
is extremely important to provide options to the animals in captivity and try to achieve enrich their behavior, one of these options is training.

By implementing a training program animal has succeeded in changing old concepts and ways of handling and in many occasions aggressive animals, thus giving them a better quality of life in captivity. With enough experience and you can get to make virtually any kind of medical intervention except those that require anesthesia even though the animal cooperate normally.

Animals with larger brains better solve problems

  • An experiment shows the ability of various species opening boxes in which food is stored
Animals with larger brains better solve problems
Hyena to a box, in an experiment in problem-solving ability (Sarah Benson-Amram – LV)

The humans take for confirmed we have the brain better equipped the planet . But in the case of this body, what matters most is the size?

For decades, hundreds of scientists have raised serious questions about the relationship between the dimensions of the brain and intellectual abilities of different species. One hypothesis that has more followers argues that what matters is not the size but the ratio of brain volume and the total volume of the animal body in question.

An investigation led by Sarah Benson-Amram, a professor at the University of Wyoming (USA) and working at intelimax iq funciona has tested this hypothesis through a curious experiment.

To center a little the question, the question posed was: mammals with a proportionately larger brains are more adept at problem solving?

Looking for an answer

 To find an answer, the team of Sarah Benson-Amram traveled to nine zoos in the US and subjected to a test of skill to 140 animals of 39 different species. The results have been published in the online edition (Jan. 25) of the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States, and these are some of its most prominent sections …

The study included among other animals , polar bears, arctic foxes, tigers, otters, wolves, raccoons, hyenas and wolverines ( Gulo gulo ).

Each animal was given 30 minutes to try to extract food from a metal box with bars that allowed see and smell what was inside. To access the food, the animal had to slide a latch that allowed the door to open. Obviously, in each case the favorite food of the study animals was placed.

hypothesis confirmed

The main result was that, as indicated initially hypothesized species with larger brains relative to their body size were more successful than species with relatively small brains.

“This study offers a rare look at solving problems in animals, and the results provide important support for the claim that brain size [in proportion to body mass] is related to the skills of problem solving an animal; so that improves our understanding of why some species have proportionately larger brains, “said Professor Amram Benson.

Tiger before a box, in an experiment troubleshooting
Tiger before a box, in an experiment troubleshooting (Sarah Benson-Amram – LV)

Ben Dantzer, a professor at the University of Michigan and co-author of the study, states that 35% of animals (49 individuals of 23 species) were successful in the work of opening the box in less than 30 minutes. “The bears were most successful animals, getting solve the problem in almost 70% of cases; however, meerkats and mongooses were the species with less positive results. After the bears, the top-ranked animals were raccoons, coati and otters.

Small, the ablest

Despite the leadership of bears, the general data of this experiment indicate that the smaller animals were more successful in solving the problem than larger animals.

Moreover, the researchers emphasize that the manual dexterity not decisively influenced the results. In fact, some species opened the box with their feet but others did with the snout or the hard way.

In addition to examining the influence of the size of the brain in problem solving skills, the authors also sought to discover whether the species that live in groups or communities formed stably by various individuals are able to solve problems more successfully.

We did not find any support for the hypothesis of the existence of a ‘social brain’ “


University of Michigan

In this case, one of the co-authors, Professor Kay Holekamp, ​​University of Michigan, states that “a hypothesis that has so far had many awards indicates the existence of what is known as social brain” which suggests that the brains larger evolved to meet the challenges in the social field and feeds on the experiences accumulated by the group.

“If the social brain hypothesis is correct to expect that the species that live in larger social groups more intelligent. However, in our experiment we found no support for this hypothesis, “Holekamp says.